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Monday, March 28

So, this happened...

Okay, so, a few weeks ago, we asked our Pinwheel Club members to bring & donate their quilting magazines, quilt books and novels that they were all done with.  We placed them out for sale during Club and were able to make a nice donation to Victoria's Quilts with the funds raised that day.  We still had goodies leftover so we placed them out for everyone to look at.  More of our quilting friends saw the table, then started bringing in their gently used quilt books, novels and quilting magazines and we continue collect donations.  The table is growing and then shrinking and then growing and changing everyday & still raising money for Victoria's Quilts so we have decided to keep going for a few more weeks!  If you have any items you would like donate, you can drop them off anytime... take a look at the table while you are here, there might be something that catches your eye!

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